(Rare Earth Sculptures) PRASEODYMIUM, 2016.

Intracrine Signal Aggregate, aluminium, steel, vinyl, nylon mesh, Ricoh wg-m1 action camera, WiFi Signal Jammer, HD video, polyethylene, polyethylene membrane, 4:42min audio


[ I have not been able to upload the new video, I have even tried from friends accounts and it’s just not happening. I am having to reset the router every few hours. This is why I believe that I have finally reached some place where I am A threat to someone, thing, institution. I do not, on any level find it amusing nor do I find myself proud to be in this position ]

It is just an inevitable wall that you face.




I have high suspicions that members within the community have been working with officials, institutions and government in Monarch Programs, and I am experiencing stuff that you guys cannot possibly imagine.

What I can capture on Camera is not going to happen when I have someone else with me,  it’s not going to go down the way it goes down when it’s just me alone and I am in that moment.

I can capture moments of the cell signaling; but it may not translate, please understand this -  this is an intracrine signalling. These I suspect are Monarch Psyops generated by users within our community to target individuals. 

I am not paranoid and I am trying to relay to you now, how this is affecting me and how I am being attacked. I have people following me and I have already uploaded those videos. I also suspect bio-neurological invasive programming has been used and I am not the first one to point this out as user E.X.P.Syndicate has also reported this. User E.X.P.Syndicate states that Britain is to be divided into 8 regional zones and they could theoretically influence one zone to be happy and another depressed.

...And if you think that any of this is expounded upon, illusionary; delusions, anxiety, paranoia, then you need to keep your mouth shut when it comes to telling me that ! Because all you are doing is helping me feel this. 

Oddly I am having great support come in from others outside of the community.



At this point I am literally preparing for my death.

To the point that these activities are creating some kind of False Memory Syndrome or whatever, and I expect that the devices used by members within our community to supposedly block frequency fence exposure is actually doing the opposite and targeting individual members so that individual users can be controlled through infiltration operations; this is why you have members within our community working on this stuff who are actually being payed by monarch staff. 

It is not just about having videos deleted etc.. this is real, people…

And a lot of that attack I have been able to push away from me.

I have been able to keep intact. But I am too "on the radar" to record any more videos.




About three weeks ago I started to record new areas I had not yet previously covered.

 I was quickly and swiftly taken down by about twenty-five or so cars whose headlights were so bright that they were blinding. It is a disturbing feeling. Since it is the future of Britain you may soon also experience this. 

Know that I do not say this with bitterness. I just call things as I see them.

What I have experienced over the last few weeks has mutated, it has transformed. Lights have changed on police cars and ambulances, I don’t remember them being strange like they are now.

Gangstalking is a branch of the monarch program. Its formula goes something like this : Problem (Trauma) , solution, resolution (transformation). 

In Monarch the programmer has control over the individual without him/her ever knowing it. 

- It is not about who you are that defines whether or not you are being saved from this madness, so now that you know it,  is time for everyone involved to educate themselves and do their own research...



And now: In these new overlapping of realities, this small forest encircled area near the motorway.

It is where the ethereal, ghost-like world of interdimensional beings and craft move through the trees and where monarch operatives and infiltrators position the Intracrine signal.

Well, it's either this or some ridiculous government hoax. But seriously, listen; it is not.

Throw the blue beam in the waste basket for a moment because not only am I personally dealing with fake planes; 

The journey has expanded into fake birds, lightning bugs, frogs...it is truly unreal…

Oh, and let us replace the word fake with frontier. It is new ground, strange and delicate. I am so thrilled to be here for it. 



E N E R G Y⋮P A N G E A 2016

Install at Cell Project Space, London