OXIDE 13 2008

Welcome Break service station reciepts, baby octopi, tequila, food colouring, plastic jars, lived experience & video documentation


The Oxide 13 process involved driving a 130 mile round trip from Oxford to Michaelwood Services on the M5 Motorway, Southwest England during 2008. The trip was undertaken numerous times as part of a lived crisis management exercise or existential strategy (What is valuable? What is wasteful? Why do this?).

Upon arrival I would usually sit and have a herbal tea and a small bar of green and blacks maya gold chocolate before driving back to Oxford.

The project doubles as durational performance and symbolic ornamentation ; A nihilistic exhaustion of resources and cathartic episode; 13 jars were displayed in the Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brooke's University, 6 containing octopi pickled in tequila, 6 containing receipts from the service station and one containing nothing.




> ICONOPLASM 2008 / Retrospective video documentation filmed in 2009.