OXIDE 13 2008

Welcome Break service station reciepts, baby octopi, tequila, food colouring, plastic jars, lived experience & video documentation


The Oxide 13 process involved driving a 130 mile round trip from Oxford to Michaelwood Services on the M5 Motorway, Southwest England during 2008. The trip was undertaken numerous times as part of a lived crisis management exercise or existential strategy. Upon arrival I would usually sit and have a herbal tea and a small bar of green and blacks maya gold chocolate before driving back to Oxford.

The project doubles as durational performance and symbolic ornamentation of nihilistic exhaustion of resources and cathartic episode; 13 jars were displayed in the Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brooke's University, 6 containing octopi pickled in tequila, 6 containing receipts from the service station and one containing nothing.



> ICONOPLASM 2008 / Retrospective video documentation filmed in 2009.