Old Earth Objects


"Permanent revolition on the New Earth would thus invovle a residcovery of the identity of human kind and nature in a mode of industry no longer driven by debt, and favouring instead a new conciliation of social-production with desiring-production"

- From Deluze and Guttari's Anti-Oepidus: An introduction to schizoanalysis By Eugene W. Holland, Gilles Deleuze. P 115.





Core Module -

Sony Rolly MP3 Player 2 GB (Bluetooth, USB 2.0) Black

Cyber Clean - High Tech Cleaning Compound

Philips HF8410/00 Warm Sensual Massager for sharing

Obsidian deltohedron

flint nodule

Pan Aroma Pebble Air Freshener - Wild Lavender

Quartz crystal skull

Philips SPP1591WA Squid Surge Protector with 5 Flexible Outlets






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