(Rare Earth Sculptures) LANTHANUM, 2014.

polystyrene, fiberglass, acrylic, Arqspin rotating product stand




….OK, now imagine a fully functional design-prototype research facility which is actually focused on comparative studies and crisis reports that seek to understand and contextualise changes in consciousness brought about by the Y2K bug aftermath experienced by those born after the year 2000...

Not as some wildfire market driven enclave of hypertension aimed at trend-forecasting next shit.


Or some ridiculous situation where-by youth energy is exploited, turned into a commodified resource and fed upon by self-serving zombies eager to get a taste of young blood. Treated as some kind of free-flowing cultural validation trough...


Something different.



We decided to instigate an experiment;


The Centre For Youth Consciousness doesn’t exist as such, its a model for a potential entity which might or might not be regulated by ENERGY PANGEA.


Its interaction with (RES) Lanthanum is such that the potential for CYC to become a tangible working thing serves as a basis for the sculpture to be reverse swarm funded by The Centre for Youth Consciousness. This means CYC doesn’t just become part of its cloud material, but is taken to the degree that the sculpture is actually crafted from the potential for CYC to become a reality…



How? Lanthanum means 'to be hidden' and among other rare earth elements it's a primary ingredient in the batteries of Toyota’s Prius, a hybrid car which is thought to be the biggest user of rare earths of any object in the world.


By +SHAPESOURCING specific modules which could have direct access to carcass improv containers intending to act as manifold hack-space and fuelled by youth consciousness, the sculpture acts as camouflage orientated towards a complex pattern of change which sets its mark on educational institutions, democratic organisations and in the labour market, only in reverse.


How? Developed as a decorative table sculpture and released through the private-function space of Obicà Mozzarella Bar in London's Canary Wharf: Obicà means 'here it is' and by posing as corporate camouflage (RES) Lanthanum is intended to act as affective stealth object lateral to other permanent corporate sculpture located in and around the privately owned Canary Wharf Group territory.


Albeit with undefined outcomes and results.





Obicà Mozzarella Bar, Canary Wharf, London , 2014

Future Gallery, 2015 (Inside the Prius)